Susan Abbott

Executive Administrative Assistant, Care Ministries Director

Susan has been on our office administration staff for more than 10 years and currently serves as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor. In 2015, she started to find that she had a desire to care for others and was one of the leaders to bring Stephen Ministries to Sonrise. She now is the Director of Care Ministries and continues to develop additional volunteers who have the gift of compassion and empathy.

Susan is married to Rod Abbott and they have three grown children, Chuck, Ryan & Ray. Susan and Rod love to travel and spend time with their dog, Cash, and in her free time Susan loves to cook and bake, (We love that, too!)

Caring for people at Sonrise is very important to us! We have a number of ministries you can turn to for help in a time of need and below are some of the ways we offer support.  If you want to learn more about our Care Ministries or if you are interested in using your spiritual gifts to help others, contact Susan Abbott.

Sonrise partners with several biblically based counseling agencies and individuals located in Ft. Wayne. Licensed counselors are available that handle a wide range of issues, including family dysfunction, marital issues, depression and more.  If you desire counseling or are interested in learning more, please contact Susan Abbott or call the church office.