Sonrise Kids is back in person during both the 9:30 and 11:00 worship services!  We are so excited to see the beautiful faces of your children as we teach them about Jesus.  Sonrise Kids utilizes the Grow Curriculum to share the gospel and to grow your children in the knowledge of Jesus as well as in their relationship with him.

We continue to monitor the CoVid situation locally and have protocols in place as needed.  If you wish to find out more, please feel free to contact Pastor Daphne.

Daphne Gottfried

Children’s Ministry Pastor

Daphne has committedly served the children, students and families of Sonrise Church through different ministries since 2002. As part of our Family Ministry, she oversees Sonrise Kids on Sundays, guiding the Christian education of our children from infancy to 5th grade. She also believes passionately in the importance of the camping ministry, spending time every summer at Camp Lakewood with our elementary aged students.

She and her husband Robert have been married for 29 years and are blessed with four amazing children and their spouses: Garrett (Lauren), Gavin (Emily), Anna and Abby. Recently the Gottfried tribe had been enjoying their newest addition, first granddaughter Lillian! When there is a free moment in her day, she loves the outdoors, the beach, and something
both salty and chocolate!

We believe children are created in the image of God, are deeply loved by Him, and have a significant role to play in His story. Our Sunday morning experience for children teaches biblical principles that we know will be with them for life! We engage in worship tailored to the age as well as utilize small groups to create a fun, safe and loving environment. Our goal is that Sunday at church will be one of the best experiences of your child’s week!

Teaching children the love of Jesus in a safe and secure environment is our primary focus, but you can also expect to see and hear a lot of worship, games and laughing! It is a big win for us when children leave asking their parents when they can come back.

We believe in family ministry! We strive to partner, invest and encourage families to be their child’s primary faith teacher. With that in mind, we offer distinct opportunities to help you and your child grow together by developing a growing relationship with Jesus.

We also encourage Children’s Ministry members to serve at the same service in the same classroom on a consistent basis. This helps to create an environment that will allow them to develop deeper relationships with both children and their families as well as fellow team members.


The safety of all children in Family Ministry is our number one priority. In addition to a secure check-in process, every Family Ministry team and staff member undergoes a background check and thorough orientation process prior to serving.

New to Sonrise?

On your first visit, look for our Kids Check-in area where you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly check-in leaders. If you decide to make Sonrise your home, you will receive a key fob specific to your family and can use that to check in at one of the self-check-in stations. Your child will have a matching ID specific to your family.  After the worship service, you will show your family ministry leader the key fob and they will match it with your child.  You can then safely take them home!

New Mom?

We have a beautiful room designed just for you to care, change or feed your baby. It is located inside the nursery, which you will find around the corner from the auditorium just past the Sonrise Kids Check-in.


One of the most important ministries we do here at Sonrise is help our children find Christ so we are ecstatic when we hear a child is considering water baptism here at Sonrise! When they do, we are thrilled to walk alongside you both in this life-changing journey as you decide if your child is ready and understands the significance of this spiritual milestone. If you would like to learn more, please contact Daphne by email.

Contact Daphne

Child Dedication

Dedicating your child is more than an event – it’s about the commitment and investment you make, being their primary faith teachers, to intentionally shape the faith and character of your child. It is also an opportunity for the church as a whole to commit to their role in the lives of our children.

If you like to have your child dedicated, please contact Daphne by email.

Contact Daphne